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Los Angeles Co.

Ultimately transitioned to solar after getting valuable information. Highly recommend it as a reliable initial step for anyone who is  contemplating a switch to solar energy!

Monroe Co.

Go Solar With Finney was for sure exceptionally helpful, from start to finish with everything including providing comprehensive information on solar power equipment. Highly Reccomend!

Orange Co.

I followed their suggestion and was pleasantly surprise with the outcome. Was on the fence about converting to solar but Im totally on board now. The cost estimate was quite accurate.

This Is How Solar Panels work?

Solar panels are installed on your rooftop and connected in clusters known as solar arrays. The electricity they produce travels to a solar inverter, where the direct current (DC) electricity is transformed into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC electricity can then be utilized within your home or sent back to the electric grid.

Why Switch To Solar?

Switching to solar energy offers cost savings, environmental benefits, 
energy independence, and increased property value. 

  • Savings From Traditional Energy Sources: SCE Increasing by 20% before the end of year 2024
  • Going Solar With Finney: Will result in greater savings compared to the SCE Care program.
  • Peace of Mind: Opting for the transition to solar energy ensures safeguarding against escalating         rates, providing a secure shield against future increases in energy costs.
  • Battery Backup: Enhance your solar transition with a battery backup for NEM 3. Generate independent power, prioritizing battery usage over the grid.
  • ​Control: Exercise control over your credits, deciding the amount you wish to return to the grid.

Go Solar With Finney: 
Trusted by leading solar companies in the United States.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a carbon-free energy system that is safe, affordable, reliable, resilient and equitable.

Solar Energy- International

Our aim is to mitigate climate change, promote sustainable economic growth, and support energy independence.

American Soloar Engery Society

Solar Today is a print and digital magazine that communicates the data-driven, fierce enthusiasm of the solar power industry to transform our energy use and combat climate change. It is written by experts in our professional community and was founded in 1987.

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